Where are the cars coming from? Are they brand new?
YES! We only deal with brand new car; all the cars are going directly from authorized dealerships around the region to your address of delivery.

Does my car come with warranty?
YES! Every car that you get from RES Auto comes with warranty, maintenance program (BMW free maintenance program) offered by the manufacture. You can choose go to any dealership in the United States to do services.

Do I make my lease/finance payments to RES Auto?
NO! We are just a brokerage company, you make payment directly to the manufacture the same as you are getting a car from the dealership.

Why do I have to pay to use RES Auto?
We do not give random irresponsible price out and work the price down from MSRP like dealerships often do. We put in 12-48 hours on each deal to make sure we have the best available market price before we reach out and contact you, we utilize our superior connection to secure every hidden credit, rebates that are available, we have special punch car available only to us, our prices are often thousands below invoice price. Why go to a dealership by yourself when you have a chance to have the RES Auto team with decades of experience in auto industry to assist you while you spend precious time at home with your family!